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Additional Services

Kendor offers many services to our customers besides flat laser and blanking. CNC piercing, bending, shearing and deburring are some of our additional services.



CNC- Turret Piercing​

CNC Piercing alone or combined with Kendors unique die systems process provides: greater flexibility with auto-indexing in obtaining intricate hole patterns; precision hole locations at lower cost; just-in-time delivery and tooling savings.



CNC programmable with in-process measurement bend angles insuring constant quality during large-batch production. Kendor can process lengths up to 150” of bending.

metal cutting


With Kendors ability to shear in-house, our customers benefit from time and cost savings by having the material drop shipped from the mill of your choice to Kendors warehouse. This allows the material to be sheared to the customer specifications with capabilities of lengths up to 10’ and thickness up to.250”.

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