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Steel rule die blanking is where it all started for Kendor in 1977. Since then we have continued to improve our process and stay at the top of our industry for over 35 years.



Kendor has been an industry innovator of the steel rule die since our inception in 1977. While our competitors have used the same technology to build rule dies since the 1950’s Kendor has improved the construction and building process to give our customer the highest quality parts available with rule dies.  By no longer using wood dies, Kendors tooling, can hold tighter tolerances and last longer without rebuilding. Giving our customers faster turn around and keeping them ahead of the competition. From small brackets and washers to large body panels Kendor has five different bed sizes to handle all of our customer needs


Fully Automated Blanking


Kendor changed the rule die blanking game once again by bringing in a patented automated press line allowing us to meet customer demands with our low-volume production capacity. The size of our large press 80-inches by 144 inches enables us to produce large inner and outer blanks without disturbing the surface and greatly reducing scratching. An efficiency that allows us to pass along cost savings to our customers. Our world-class, fully-automated metal transfer system improves blank quality by using suction cups to lift and move each blank. Raw materials remain in their original packaging from mill to press, then after blanking, they are automatically stacked, wrapped in a protective cover, banded and shipped to you. The entire process minimizes scrap, reducing costs even further.


No Tooling Cost


At Kendor, with our New Patented Blanking Process, there is never a die cost, only a small program and assembly fee for your job.

With Kendor Die System you never have the added cost of Blank dies no matter how big the dies are.

Imagine... you have no die cost !

If you have a large body side blank, 80x144, the cost of the die would be close to $300,000. With the Kendor Die System™, the cost of our program and assembly fee would be about $4000. A savings to you of about $296,000. This cost savings can now be used for other program needs.

The new Kendor Die System™ is built with Quality and made to last for the life of your blanking program. Guaranteed.

Our customers benefit from time savings of up to 95 percent. Kendor's exclusive Fully-automated Blanking System eliminates the need for standard dies and cuts build time from an average of 30 weeks to less than three with no loss of quality. Drop shipping and shearing services also save critical materials delivery time.

Verified Quality Kendor is industry accredited with ISO 9001:2008 ratings.

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