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Cost Savings: Laser vs. Rule Die


Kendors ability to convert from prototype to low volume production seamlessly, while allowing our customers to only use one vendor is one of our greatest assets. Once the prototype is approved Kendor already has the data and is ready to switch over and start production. Either by running on our state of the art lights out 3-axis laser system or by switching to rule die for cost savings on larger runs. Kendor has the ability to do this with any part from a small bracket up to a full “class A” body panel.


Kendor also has the benefit of using both laser cut or blanking of parts allowing us to be more competitive and ensure our customers receive the highest quality parts. On smaller runs our customers can take advantage of our low cost laser pricing. While larger orders can be run with our blanking process making sure that our customers are getting the best service while receiving the most competitive pricing.


On smaller parts orders around 500 pieces is where our blanking process starts to show savings over laser cutting. This can be even more beneficial on orders that will repeat.

With larger blanks our process begins to show savings on orders over 1000 pieces. With the savings continually increasing along with the quantity. This can mean huge savings over the life of our customers projects.

laser cutting
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