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CO2 Laser Cutting

Kendor has been an industry leader in laser cutting technology for over 20 years when Kendor brought in one of the first 3-axis lasers in the area. We have stayed on the cutting edge since then by continuously bringing in the latest technology. Staying true to this, last year, Kendor brought in a new Amada FO MII 3015 4000 watt laser with MP Flexit automation. Giving Kendor the faster automation for laser cutting with shuttle times as little as 70 seconds, as well as, lights out production. To accompany the Prima Platino 2040 4000 watt laser Kendor brought in the year prior. It is one of the largest in southeast Michigan, but what sets it apart from the others is the fully automated 14 shelve tower that allows the machine to continue running around the clock reducing customer turnaround time and increasing our production capacity. The large table size allows us to cut anything from small washers to full size body panels, and both automation systems allow for proper handling of “class A” panels. While each machine is capable of cutting material thicknesses up to .750” with mild steel. Whether it’s a prototype or production run Kendors three machines are able to process jobs quickly while holding tolerances of +/- .003 and producing clean, dross free parts. Once Kendor receives CAD data a job can be programmed and running the same day in many cases. With quick setup times and advanced nesting programs scrap is reduced, and still allow jobs to be turned around quickly and run accurately.
Laser cutting
Laser Cutting

This video shows some of Kendors laser cutting capabilites. Along with our fully automated loading and unloading this allows Kendor to continue running 24 hours a day with our lights out automation.

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